1-on-1 Private Lessons

Private lesson with HK-TENNIS.ORG is the optimum way for players wanting to fast track their tennis development and reach their full potential.  Many players also combine private coaching with a group sessions each week to obtain the full potential learn-and-practice learning method.

Private lesson is also an ideal approach for those who are learning tennis for the first time.  Learning correct forms right from the start not only can get beginners up to speed quickly but also helps you avoid developing bad or incorrect habits which could lead to tennis elbows or other injuries.

If you’re a seasonal players and your game is struggling, our coach can help analyse your games and tactics to bring it back to life.  Each private lesson is individually tailored to ensure maximum improvement. Player’s games are thoroughly assessed, from a technical and tactical point of view, corrections and enhancements are addressed. Players will have a greater understanding of what to work on whenever you hit the court.

We have several training venues that are conveniently located near MTR stations.  Should you prefer to use your private court, we are also happy to come to your court.  All private court charges will be paid by the clients.

Tennis Private Lesson
CSP CSP1 Beginner Level $2600 / 4 Lessons $700
CSP2 Intermediate Level $2600 / 4 Lessons $700
CSP3 Advanced Level $3000 / 4 Lessons $800
TTU TTU1 Beginner Level $2600 / 4 Lessons $700
TTU2 Intermediate Level $2600 / 4 Lessons $700
TTU3 Advanced Level $3000 / 4 Lessons $700
PTP PTP1 Beginner Level $2600 / 4 Lessons $700
PTP2 Intermediate Level $2600 / 4 Lessons $700
PTP3 Advanced Level $3000 / 4 Lessons $800

You don’t have a tennis racquet?

If you have never played tennis before, we understand might not have tennis racquet.  Therefore, on the first 2 lessons, our coach can lend you a racquet free of charge.  On the 3rd lesson and going forward, the fee is $100 per session.